Jenny Headley

Hi! I'm Jenny, I am a southern girl at heart, born and raised is Birmingham, AL. I wasn't a perfect child or adult for that matter; I've definitely chosen some tougher paths along the way but even still I've been very blessed. Some would say I grew up in a bubble, which never bothered me because my life felt pretty perfect! I grew up with a very close knit family and group of family friends. I went to college close to home at Auburn University, got married, moved to south Alabama then thankfully back home with our family just in time to welcome our first baby boy. This was a challenging year for me, for starters being a new mom and on top of that having a baby with a few minor health issues to overcome.  But then my real world shaker, I lost my little brother in January 2014 in a tragic accident. All the sudden my bubble, my perfect family, my happy life was crumbling. I by no means have it all figured out but I do know there is light out of the darkness and joy after sorrow. I have since welcomed my second son, a surprise and beautiful blessing In Gods ever perfect timing! I am here to share my journey with you, it is not perfect and neither am I but it is real and so I am hoping maybe as I find my way we can walk together and share in the journey wherever it may take us.