Jessica Kooima

Hi There!  I am a small town, Iowa girl, now transplanted to the southwest desert of Arizona!  I am a lover and follower of Jesus, a wife, a mother, a daughter, a sister, a friend, and a physician. Life is a constant juggling act, and if I am honest with myself and you, that list of who I am should be in that hierarchal order, but more often than not, it isn't! I am a constant work in progress, daily trying, and thankful God isn’t finished with me yet!  I was blessed in that I grew up in an amazing family, and an amazing community that encouraged me, and were part of my life’s journey! I am so thankful for my husband, who is an amazingly patient man (on most days, if I don’t drive him to crazy!) who has been on this walk with me!  God has been there with us, from miscarriage, to our son being born with Down Syndrome with a heart defect requiring open heart surgery, to my own cancer diagnosis, my father-in-laws cancer diagnosis, and then the decision to sell my husband’s portion of a business and move our family to Arizona so I could go back to school, to be a Naturopathic Physician. In all honesty, it felt a bit like the "Beverly Hillbilly’s" (just the mention of this is dating me, if you are under thirty you may have to google it!) venture cross country, however, minus the fortune waiting for us on our arrival, it was quite the contrary!!!  Currently, we just opened a clinic, in Gilbert, Arizona. We felt God’s call on our life and it has been a trip ever since! I wish I could say life is perfect and the path perfectly outlined for us, but let’s get real, sometimes life is just plain messy, mine included!  But reflecting on it, I wouldn’t change a thing, it’s not always easy or favorable, but trusting God knows me, and my family, and knows what is best, the rest I can let go! (or rather “should” let go…..I am working on that too!).  I look forward to sharing with you some of my most vulnerable, real, heart felt moments, from my life and pray God may use them to help us encourage, and strengthen each other!  So glad you are here my friend, and welcome to my story….

Jenny Headley

Hi! I'm Jenny, I am a southern girl at heart, born and raised is Birmingham, AL. I wasn't a perfect child or adult for that matter; I've definitely chosen some tougher paths along the way but even still I've been very blessed. Some would say I grew up in a bubble, which never bothered me because my life felt pretty perfect! I grew up with a very close knit family and group of family friends. I went to college close to home at Auburn University, got married, moved to south Alabama then thankfully back home with our family just in time to welcome our first baby boy. This was a challenging year for me, for starters being a new mom and on top of that having a baby with a few minor health issues to overcome.  But then my real world shaker, I lost my little brother in January 2014 in a tragic accident. All the sudden my bubble, my perfect family, my happy life was crumbling. I by no means have it all figured out but I do know there is light out of the darkness and joy after sorrow. I have since welcomed my second son, a surprise and beautiful blessing In Gods ever perfect timing! I am here to share my journey with you, it is not perfect and neither am I but it is real and so I am hoping maybe as I find my way we can walk together and share in the journey wherever it may take us.

Lauren Steinhaus

Hi guys, I'm Lauren. My amazing husband and I have been married for nine years. For eight of those nine years, I've carried and given birth to six children. Our first child, Jace, was born with a rare genetic disorder called Trisomy 18, which in all but a few rare cases is a fatal condition. We were told he wouldn't make it long past his birth. Well, Jace was with us for almost three short months, and then he took his last earthly breath in my arms and said hello to Jesus. Because of Jace we have a story to tell--a story that relates the harsh realities of life, the brokenness of death, the immeasurable grace of God, and the hope and joy of heaven.

Elizabeth Brantley

Hi! I’m Elizabeth, my husband, Thomas, our son Reid, and our two dogs live in Columbia, SC. I was raised in the church and considered myself to have a firm foundation in Christ. As I have grown and experienced more of the world, and through various situations in my life I have learned just how crucial that relationship with the Lord is for me. Most of my writing and my stories will focus on my family, my passion for community, my personal experience with anxiety, and all the feelings that have come with being a first-time mom to a high maintenance baby! My prayer is that your time here will feel like sitting down to coffee with a good friend. That you will leave encouraged and ready to conquer your fears. I’m so glad you are here!   

Carrie Taylor

Hi! I’m Carrie and I am writing from Birmingham, Alabama, where I was raised. I tried to leave multiple times, but I’m so glad God led me back because I got to marry Daniel about a year and a half ago. A lot has changed since I came back to Birmingham, but the city is more alive than ever and we love it. Daniel and I and our pup, Henry, spend the weekends outside or downtown soaking up God’s creation and enjoying sweet time with friends. After a little less than 7 years in the design and construction industry, I recently made the decision to take the leap, trust God and start my own architecture practice. I could write a novel on what I’ve learned so far, but am thankful this is only the beginning! I can’t wait to see what God has waiting for us ahead...

Ashton Dugger

Just a simple girl Born and Raised in The South, I am a Ministry kid (and I survived--so far). As the oldest child of six kids, I am certainly prone to take charge in situations--although depending on the situation I can be extremely--hands off. I am naturally an introvert (which strangely shocks people), but I work very hard at my extroverted side, so I hide it well in public. After spending years working towards medical school and striving to become a surgeon the Lord flipped the script and I became a Psychologist with a side focus in Medical Sociology.  My passions include health, disability ministry, leadership, business strategy, and event planning. My family and friends are extremely important in my life--I am ferociously devoted to them. At the age fo 16, my whole world changed dramatically and very furiously. For over a decade, I was put on a journey to recover from an autoimmune disease while dealing with the overwhelming grief over the untimely loss of my best friend and the unexpected loss of my own future. As I share with you all the stories that make up my life, it is my hope that you are encouraged and spurred on in your own journey. I have long held onto the truth that the Lord will work all things--not some, not a few, not only the pretty things in my life--but ALL THINGS for my good. He will do the same for you! I hope to share with you the broken, flawed, and beautiful things in my life--in an effort to ensure you that you are NOT ALONE. Welcome to my story...